Wednesday, April 11, 2007

thems fightin words

So what does the Bible say about fighting? Turn the other cheek.

Yes "turn the other cheek" is in the Bible. If you read it some you would probably know that.

Many teenagers get in fights over the silliest things these days. They feel that they have to prove themselves, even if someone simply bumps into them. You are not a man based on how big and bad you are, or how many people you have beat up. You are a man based on your character. Do you keep your word? Do you shoot your mouth off over the pointless things? Proverbs 12:16 tells us a little about the wise man and the fool. The wise man overlooks little things, but you can tell a fool by his mouth. A fool does not know when to hold his tongue. Mouthing off gets a lot of teens in trouble. Do not be a fool. Know when to shut up. If you fight a lot you will eventually find someone bigger and badder than yourself. Its better to pick your words wisely and fight as little as necessary...but is it necessary?
There were many wars and fights in the Bible. Fight to protect the innocent. That is the only good reason I can find to fight. There may be a few other instances in which it is right to defend something. The only fight I recall Jesus getting into was in the temple. He drove the money changers out telling them that they had turned God's house into a den of thieves. He defended God's Holiness.
When you find yourself ready to fight, stop and ask yourself how important the issue is. Will it matter in ten minutes who was right and wrong? How about ten hours? Ten days? A year? Use these questions to gauge yourself. It probably is not worth fighting over. This is also a good scale for worry.
I prefer to be the strong quiet type.
Go in Peace.