Monday, December 1, 2008

Changing Times

I have not lived in New Orleans for a year now. Pretty sad how often I post here. I now live in a rural area in the Appalachian Mountains. Its interesting to find that there are wasted drug heads in the backwoods who steal junk from their own poor grandparents to pawn off for drug money just like the drug heads in the urban cities like New Orleans. Trust me, if you have seen the lives ruined by drugs that I have, you will never start them; it is simply not worth the risk just from a logical standpoint.
Now instead of working with teenagers primarily, I work in domestic missions. I have helped rebuild houses in New Orleans as well as here in Appalachia. Basically I get to travel a lot. I thank the Lord that I could not afford the V6 model I wanted the last time a bought a car. My 4 cylinder has incredible mileage. Back to the topic. Did you know that many people here in the mountains do not have city water? They have their own well or cistern that is fed by the gutter system on their house. So when the electricity goes out, their electric water pump does not work. From the shotgun houses of Nowlens to the moutain cabins of Appalachia, I have seen some interesting places that people call home. Still, I have found that no matter how different people are, they can still believe in the same God, fall into the same sins, and need a caring brother to help them out sometimes. I want to encourage everyone who reads this to remember their neighbors; be a good sameritan. People will not always come to you for help and often times hide the fact that they are in great need. When you get the opportunity to help out others, your actions speak louder than your words.
"Preach the Gospel at all times. If necesary,use words."~St. Francis of Assisi.