Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Suicide is a major problem among teenagers these days. I have spoken with numerous young people who have seriously considered it as a way out and a few who even attempted it.
I am not a counselor, so please seek some professional help if you or a friend are dealing with this issue. It is not to be taken lightly.
I usually tell teens that they are simply caught on a bridge between childhood and and adulthood. You will get over it. It may be stressful having to deal with some adult responsibilities for the first time (like time management), but you will learn. On the other side of the spectrum your parents may be in denial of the fact that their child is growing up and can handle responsibilities. Stick it out a few more years; it will get better. Childhood is fun because you are free from responsibility. Adulthood is fun because you can decide to do whatever you want. The teen years can be the most fun or the most stressful depending on the combination of the responsibilities and freedom. It is rarely stressful 100% of the time. Find an outlet for your extra energy, some place you can have fun. Sports is a great way to relieve stress, not video games. I'm a gamer too, but it does not get you blood flowing like real sports. The teen years are filled with new hormones. Raising your heart rate will help get some hormones flowing to where they need to be.
I recently heard a study that said teens bodies react opposite to the hormone that is released to calm people during times of stress. Teenagers get a double dose of stress as a result. Just hang on you will grow out of it.
Think of all the people who love you. They will miss you if you kill yourself. At least be considerate of these people. Many people say that no one loves them. That cannot be further from the truth. There is always someone out there who loves you. Perhaps you do not spend enough time with these people to realize how much they love you. That may be the source of your depressed feelings. Even if you cannot spend as much time with your loved ones, you can spend time with God. He will love you no matter what and He is always there. There are churches all over our nation where you can go to find someone that will help you find that still small voice of God.
Talk with God. Tell Him your problems. Hold the faith.

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