Saturday, June 9, 2007

Destructive Behavior

Why do some guys enjoy breaking stuff?
I must admit demolition with a sledge hammer can be fun. People pay good money to go to Demolition Derbies and Monster Truck shows. I suppose the problem comes when people commit vandalism. It is usually teen guys who do not respect other's belongings. Some guys simply want to mark there pressence. "I was here." That reminds me of dogs leaving their mark. Other guys simply want to exert their strength and show off their power. Take up a sport please!
Where I am working now there has been hundreds of dollars worth of destruction. Every time it happens we figure out who is guilty and they have to pay for it. Every time I ask myself, "What were they thinking?!" Did they think destroying a piece of property would go unnoticed?
I think the root problem comes from apathy. The property does not belong to them so it does not matter if it gets destroyed. When we quit caring about other people we have really lost something. We should always be considerate of others and remember that God was very considerate of us when He sent His Son to die for us.

In my previous post I talked about girls being so critical. Sometimes they care too much. Why do guys tend to care so little? Any demolition stories or discussions on apathy you care to share? Comments are open to everyone.


joel winters said...

What about when behavior is destructive to ourselves and others in a spiritual sense?

Bro. Jones said...

That can be a serious problem.
Problems such as pornography, or drug use tend to drive us away from some of the people we need the most, and they definitely hurt our relationship with God.
Our lives are all about relationships. Mainly our relationship with our Creator. We must do everything we can to avoid such destructive behavior. Accountability is a good way.

Bro. Jones said...

This post has been on my mind a lot lately. Everyone wants to be recognized for their achievements and make their own mark on the world. Unfortunately many people, especially teens, lack the skills to do anything constructive on their own, or at least the trust. This problem leaves one easy solutions to get attention: Destruction. I could go on and on theorizing why my mailbox was destroyed by a baseball bat along with a dozen others in the neighborhood, but I don't think it will accomplish much. One thing I can say: I wish more people spent time with their kids teaching them skills that have been handed down for generations. Heritage is important and kids seem to listen to their friends more than their parents now.