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Atheist Discussion

I have not posted much in the last few months as I have been busy in another blog. The following is some interesting posts from:

Some Atheists are very nice people, but some are not. The following is why you should know your Bible and study it often. Always be prepared to give an answer for your faith.

Conversation #1
Aug 30, 2007. 9:50 PMstevoIutionsays:
That's odd, considering most people in developed countries have the internet and therefore a means to learn about about proven facts, as opposed to unprovable, ridiculous, fictional stories.
Please tell me you're not a creationist.
If so -
Sep 13, 2007. 3:10 PMBro. Jonessays:
So explain how science disproves God.
I kinda thought it proved Him.
Sep 15, 2007. 3:42 AMstevoIutionsays:
Science hasn't disproven god, just all of the man-made religions around today.
It disproves creationism pretty freaken easily.
All you have to do to realize the bible is retarded is read it. A good chunk of it is instructions on how to kill animals and burn them because god likes the smell. It says it repeatedly but i don't see any Christians sacrificing animals and setting them on fire.
Sep 17, 2007. 10:16 PMBro. Jonessays:
Man made religions are not a good thing, I must agree.
Yes the first of the Bible does have a lot of animal sacrifice because their must be death for our misdeeds. The animal sacrifices were temporary payments or down payments until the ultimate price could be paid. That ultimate price was Jesus on the Cross. Since the debt is paid in full we don't have to sacrifice animals anymore, just get our name on the list as a cosigner.
Oh, and I still love to throw a good steak on the grill. Tastes great.
Sep 17, 2007. 11:56 PMstevoIutionsays:
A perfect god wouldn't keep petty, symbolic debts.
I give up, there will always be ignorant morons who believe anything their parents tell them.
What revision of the bible do you read?
Sep 20, 2007. 5:13 PMBro. Jonessays:
I'm currently learning to read the original Greek.
Symbolic debts...hmmm. So if someone committed a crime, should the judge not keep their "symbolic debt" just so they wouldn't have to go to prison?
I have studied the Bible for myself and made my own decision.
In His perfect love for us, He decided make a way out for us instead of condemning everyone like we deserve. The gift is free, but its not yours until you take it.

Conversation #2
Oct 9, 2007. 4:16 AMstevoIutionsays:
If you want to know about DNA I'd recommend that you start with wikipedia.

Why does it say that the earth is flat and surrounded by a jacket of water?
Oct 9, 2007. 11:06 AMBro. Jonessays:
Flat as in no hills or valleys, thus all the oceans covered all the land.
Oct 10, 2007. 11:26 PMstevoIutionsays:
Is there also a reference to the earth standing on four pillars?
Oct 11, 2007. 11:21 AMBro. Jonessays:
I may have missed that part in the Bible, but I could not find it just now. However I did find this where Job is talking about God. One problem with understanding the Bible is that it is not a science book. It is a history book. Therefore it does not define things, but merely describes them. Check out the part about the clouds below. It sounds like evaporation to me. How did Job know about such science back then I wonder?

6 Hell is naked before him, and destruction hath no covering. 7 He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing. 8 He bindeth up the waters in his thick clouds; and the cloud is not rent under them. 9 He holdeth back the face of his throne, and spreadeth his cloud upon it. 10 He hath compassed the waters with bounds, until the day and night come to an end. 11 The pillars of heaven tremble and are astonished at his reproof. 12 He divideth the sea with his power, and by his understanding he smiteth through the proud. 13 By his spirit he hath garnished the heavens; his hand hath formed the crooked serpent. 14 Lo, these are parts of his ways: but how little a portion is heard of him? but the thunder of his power who can understand?
Job 26:6-14 (KJV)
Oct 18, 2007. 9:56 PMstevoIutionsays:
The only way to properly read the bible would require a time machine.

Oct 20, 2007. 9:17 PMBro. Jonessays:
I think your right.
The next best thing is to study it in depth.
I always encourage Christians to know what they believe and why they believe it. I don't want anyone to be ignorant as everyone must decide for themselves.

Conversation #3
Oct 20, 2007. 4:58 PMzachninmesays:
Actually, Science does not disprove God -- according to the Islamic "bible" -- the Qur'an, a lot of the things we've discovered by science actually happen.

Theres a description of the Big Bang, life coming from water, and even *gasp* evolution (Although its changed a bit, to say that humans are special and were not made via evolution, but everything else is. However, we are still today looking for "the missing link", so this still stands)

Also -- the Qur'an was kept as pure as possible. There was an intense screening process of writing down the remembered stories -- cross checking them multiple times. It was about 5-10 years after Muhammid's death (he's the one who said the Qur'an, BTW. He was also illiterate, and considered the Qur'an his only miracle. If you read it, its amazingly eloquent), but there were still "first-generation" people around. After they got it down, they ordered everything else to be destroyed.

Maybe this isn't christianity, but Muslims believe that Chirstians/Jews both recieved the same exact message, but it became twisted over time.

(I'm athiest, BTW. But I'm not going to go around being ignorant and/or arrogent)
Oct 20, 2007. 9:22 PMBro. Jonessays:
I appreciate your lack of arrogance.
Oct 21, 2007. 6:55 AMzachninmesays:
If that's sarcasm, I'm sorry, I'm trying to defend you more than go against you...

If it isn't -- Yay :P
Nov 4, 2007. 4:08 PMBro. Jonessays:
I'm not trying to be sarcastic. I genuinely enjoy open discussion when it is respectfully carried out. It helps people to better understand what they believe and what they think others believe.
Oct 20, 2007. 8:15 PMstevoIutionsays:
.Why is an Athiest trying to convert me to Islam? Haha.

(I'm athiest, BTW. But I'm not going to go around being ignorant and/or arrogent)

But that's what the internet is for.

"The cybernet will revolutionize the art of being a jerk" - Bill Gates, 1989

I may have made that up.

Conversation #4
Sep 18, 2007. 12:57 PMTrainman 2000says:
"I give up, there will always be ignorant morons who believe anything their parents tell them. "
Me up until a year ago...
Sep 24, 2007. 11:11 PMBro. Jonessays:
Sorry to hear that.
Too many people believe everything they hear...
including what there friends have to say.
Have you studied the details for yourself?
Try searching these words: Atheist, agnostic, apologetics
There are very well thought out arguments on both sides of the fence.
Sep 25, 2007. 5:53 PMDemon_Darkchildsays:
don't let trainman get to you. He's just looking for someone to prove wrong so he can feel superior to someone. Of course attacking people's beliefs isn't the way to go around starting a debate either. Just ignore him and his childish ways. If he were truly so smart and intelligent like he acts he would know how rude he was being and would've avoided what he had done.

As another Christian, I'll back you up on this one.

By the way, Cool T-shirt.

Oct 1, 2007. 2:58 AMstevoIutionsays:
Demon_Darkchild is a Christian...
Good to see someone who is so against the evils of their fabricated belief system.
Oct 1, 2007. 4:50 PMDemon_Darkchildsays:
I won't stoop to your level by calling you an idiot based upon what you believe. I'm perfectly fine with your beliefs. We are different, I understand that, but attacking someone just because they put a cross on their shirt is a bit pathetic.

I'm sure there's a place for religous debate but instructables is not that place.

I also apologize to trainman because I aimed my original post at you. I meant to aim that at stevolution. You just happened to be the name above Bro Jones's last post. Again, sorry.
Oct 1, 2007. 10:49 PMstevoIutionsays:
I would hardly call the question "Christianity's not dead yet?" an attack, the attack came later.
Anywhere is a good place for religious debate.
What's with your name? It's almost like a 9/11 widow calling her son "hijack" or "Jihad."
Maybe I'll change mine to "Blind Faith."
Oct 2, 2007. 1:36 PMDemon_Darkchildsays:
I said I was a Christian. I never specified how devout I was. I am by no means a 'good christian'. I rarely go to church, only on holidays, and I often scoff at what is taught in our religion class. But that doesn't mean that I don't believe in God and Jesus. I'm pro evolution because I see the second book of genesis as a metaphor. God created the world in seven days. But who are we to say that time passes at the same rate for God as it does for us. What took Him seven days could've taken the earth thousands to millions of years. Or maybe He just shot the earth with a random bolt of lightning and sat back and watched life flourish under Him.

And what's wrong with my name? So I like metal music and watch anime. Is there something wrong with that, Or are you going to attack me on that too?
Continuing the same line of conversation:
Oct 2, 2007. 5:07 PMBro. Jonessays:
Personally I believe God created time too, but not too many people agree with me on that point. There have been scientists that argue that Carbon dating as we know it is flawed in its math. What is 1 year off on 100 years of history could be hundreds off at a thousand years of history for example. Its been too long since I studied it.
Now Micro evolution has been proven, but we have yet to see any any species develop from a total different species.
Keep the Faith Darkchild.
Oct 9, 2007. 2:14 AMstevoIutionsays:
Bro. Jonessays:
"Personally I believe God created time too" Hahaha, how long do you think it would have taken?
Oct 11, 2007. 10:45 AMBro. Jonessays:
Time is a form of measurement. Measurement is merely comparing something to a standard. I believe God created the Earth, Sun, Moon, etc. and put them into motion. If time is a measurement based on comparison to revolutions of the earth etc. then one could argue that God created time.
Oct 13, 2007. 2:54 AMstevoIutionsays:
If something/anything is happening, there is time.
Oct 2, 2007. 10:00 PMstevoIutionsays:
Surely you know that kind of evolution takes an astonishingly long time.
Don't hold your breath waiting for a new species to pop up...

Some concluding comments on this stream:
Oct 20, 2007. 8:21 AMjessyratfinksays:
You really need to chill out with this stuff. I share the same beliefs as you do but I don't go around getting fussy about everything Christian related. The cross might have just been a nice looking graphic for them to use - the cross is not always a Christian symbol.

You're really just pulling at straws and trying to start arguments.

You're not going to change anyone's beliefs with the way you're acting - you're just pushing them away and adding to the stereotype that atheists are bitter, lonely, and angry people in general.
Oct 20, 2007. 8:38 PMstevoIutionsays:
You're really just pulling at straws and trying to start arguments.

I do find it interesting that a solitary sentence can snowball in such a way, especially in the comments section of a guide on how to put a stamp on a shirt.

you're just pushing them away and adding to the stereotype that atheists are bitter, lonely, and angry people in general.

Not everyone wants to be close to the recruiting deluded.
If people want to see bitter, lonely and angry in what I say, let them. That's their (and your) misconception.
As you can see, many atheists think that we are buying into disillusioned fairy tails that do not hold the mustard when anylized by science. I do not recommend a blind faith, but a growing faith. I listened to an atheist discussion on YouTube in which they said it was child abuse to bring up children in church. They also talked about how easy it was to disprove and shoot down Christian beliefs because they do not know what the Bible says. One of their favorite statistics was how many people's deaths were attributed to God. However they said most evangelicals are not so easily disproven because they actually read and believe in the Bible.

I apologize for such a long winded post and also that bloggers spell checker altered some words incorrectly. There actually is much more that I left out.

Know your Master, not just about Him.

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